Looking for some peace in your life?

Feeling ruled by your emotion

Wish you had more confidence
Lisa Heitmann, LCSW

​        Lheit6@gmail.com

​​      267 Willimantic Rd (RT 6)

     ​     Chaplin, CT  06235

                                                     at the intensity of your feelings...

                                                          ​... or by the lack of them?

Whether you are struggling with serious difficulties in your life, or are just

wondering if things could somehow be better, I work with you to create real

. With a focus on helping you build relationship skills and a belief in

yourself, I aim to help you increase your confidence and resilience when

responding to life's stresses, and to increase your enjoyment of life. You can

expect to gain a fuller, more connected relationship to yourself, others, and

your community.  


Maybe you  find yourself backing down

when you want to speak up?  Avoiding

conflict because if you don't, you'll wind

up crying or yelling?   Are you surprised